About Us

We are a leading technology acceleration company which identifies business process optimization by implementing system integration and automation. We were founded in 2012 and acquired by Ensemble Health Partners in 2020.

We support EnsembleIQ (EIQ®), a cloud-based analytics-driven revenue cycle operating platform that enables a highly efficient and intelligent workflow automation. By using extensive domain expertise, automation and advanced acritical intelligence, we are driving efficiency and yield.

An innovative, technology-enabled approach to revenue cycle, paired with fifthnote and Ensemble’s people, drives efficiency, productivity and results for healthcare providers, resulting in additional resources for patient care.

Our goal is to relentlessly seek breakthrough innovation in technology that will shape the healthcare of tomorrow. For, we believe that we are making an impact where it matters the most – we are not your typical software development company, we just don’t code, we #codeforhealth.

Together, Ensemble and fifthnote are redefining the possible in healthcare by empowering people to be the difference.

Learn Who We Are & What We Do

Learn Who We Are & What We Do
Data Warehousing

Managing data to facilitate and support Business Intelligence activities, specifically searches and analysis.


Synchronizing with digital transformation while utilizing the technology to extract the most optimal solutions.

Platform Development

Creating adept technology solutions to optimize the process involved in the Revenue Cycle Management ecosystem.

Business Intelligence

Assisting informed decision-making through data mining, data management, and data visualization of raw data.

Creating Value.
Making Impact.

Unlock your Growth

We aren’t just a technology company, we are an ideas factory. We’re creating and enabling some of the most innovative healthcare technology solutions. Here, ideas are always brewing.

Unlock your Growth

We aren’t just a technology company, we are an ideas factory. We’re creating and enabling some of the most innovative healthcare technology solutions. Here, ideas are always brewing.

Discover Opportunities that make the Impact!


It has been an enriching experience with the fifthnote Team. It’s a great learning experience for me, where I got the platform to enhance my Knowledge and Skills. Special thanks to Purab, Charan Sir, and Rajat for giving an opportunity to me to learn new things. Looking forward to new challenges this year.

Ramandeep Mehra, Database Developer

I am feeling proud to be a part of the fifthnote. I have enjoyed a lot during this period of time and the work environment is also too good. One of the best things which I have seen in this period of time is that everyone stands with each other irrespective of good or bad times. We always feel a part of this family.

Anand Mishra, Software Development Engineer

Well, it’s been a great journey. I have completed my 5 years in this fast-growing organization. I remember 5 years back, I joined as a Software Engineer and within the organization, got an opportunity to be in a managerial role and experienced new things regularly. I feel culture is the direct reflection of the company and the unique individuals that make it. I felt the same here. The environment and culture are quite flexible & friendly. We have the right to express our opinion and suggestions. There is transparent top-down communication to keep the employees informed about the organization. People are also very nice & cooperative. I learned new things from my team members. I am happy to be a part of this company.

Paras Kharbanda, Manager-EIQ

I Learnt from the Experience of my Seniors. It gave me and my career a huge boost and I would want to thank “fifthnote” for giving me this opportunity. People are friendly here and help each other to reach the goal. Looking forward to many more years of association.

Venkat Ramana, Database Developer

My journey with the fifthnote has been great! All my team members and the leaders are extremely helpful and supportive. We all know that due to the pandemic, we are working from home, but hopefully, this will end soon. I am waiting to see and meet all my colleagues.

Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful place to work. I am happy to be a part of the “fifthnote” family.

Manmeet Singh Randhawa, Technical Support Engineer